Service Planner Cecilia Trentacosta.

A Day in the Life of a Service Planner

When Southern California Edison customers in and around Fullerton, Calif., want to install, upgrade or remove electric service, one of the first SCE employees they’re likely to meet is Transmission & Distribution Service Planner Cecilia Trentacosta. Whether the customer plans to construct a new building, add high-voltage machinery or demolish an existing structure, Cecilia discusses the proposed changes with them and investigates the area’s current electrical system. She then uses her findings to design an updated electric system and determine whether any of SCE’s equipment will need to be upgraded as part of the project.

Cecilia works with departments across the company—from Customer Service, who often transfer calls to her so she can discuss projects with customers, to Corporate Environmental, Health & Safety, who help her minimize the environmental impacts of installing new equipment.

Today, Cecilia is meeting with a residential customer who is upgrading his home’s electric panel to accommodate a new pool. Cecilia reviews the customer’s existing electricity requirements and compares it to the new requirements to decide whether the transformer and equipment on the pole connecting service to the home need to be upgraded. She then checks the equipment to see if the added energy needs will overload the pole. “We have to pay attention to details with each inspection to make sure the electrical designs are planned correctly,” said Cecilia. “There might be 10 different ways to complete a project, and I have to choose the most logical option.” Her inspection shows that a transformer will need to be changed out, so she designs and processes a maintenance work order for the service upgrade and notifies the Logistics department to schedule a crew to complete the work.

“The greatest feeling is driving down the street and seeing the lights on in a project I designed,” said Cecilia. “It brings a smile to my face knowing I helped get power for that customer.”

Video Extra

In this Inside Edison video exclusive, Cecilia talks about who inspires her.

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who is the nice looking coworker
I wish I could wear tank-tops at work.
Great job!! Keep up the good work!
I applaud Cecilia and her work as a service planner and her ministry! Congrats.

As a side note, are sleeveless tops appropriate/safety minded for out in the field work?
We all want to promote a professional image when meeting with customers. I agree that tank tops are not appropriate work attire for this purpose.
How do I reach the residential service planner for Fullerton CA???
Very nice Cecilia, I aspire to be in your position. I am an Electrical Planner, Nuclear Grade, at SONGS, and a job like yours would not only be very similar to what we do here, but there would be quite a few skilled Planners that would definitely love to work as a Service Planner.
Good job Cecilia!!! :)

Andrew Laguna, Planner @ SONGS
Cecilia, you represent yourself well and it's nice to see someone that truly appreciate their work. It's 100 degrees outside and the tank top looks nice, I consider it a non-issue, I'm sure you wear the proper PPE gear when you're in the field. Continued success with your career...
Yes, congrats to Cecilia.
I agree with the SONGS planners, this is a SAD day. Edison used to promote the "Family" aspect of the company, but no more in this dog-eat-dog type of business we have transitioned into. Now, we are just cast aside with no prospects in the rest of the company as the shed SONGS from their portfolio.

Service planner sounds alot like a SONGS planner. I wish I had the oportunity to work as a service planner. Great job!
Good job Cecilia. Tank top or no tank top, that girl can plan!
Tank tops are not proper business attire. So does this mean men can and should start wearing tank tops to work as well?
According to the company dress code, available on Portal under Our Company > Our Policies > Employment > Professional Conduct, "Dress is determined by business needs. Employees are expected to maintain a clean, neat, professional appearance appropriate to their work environment. Employees may be restricted or required to wear certain clothing based on working conditions and safety requirements, and should direct any questions regarding appropriate dress to their managers or supervisors."

On that note, this discussion seems to have run its course, so we're shutting down comments. Thanks to all who weighed in on the Great Tank Top Debate of 2013! :) -- Inside Edison editors
She is not wearing a wife better fitted type of tank top. It's nice loose fitting tank and I don't think she looks inappropriate at all...and this comment is coming from a female. She loves her job and knows it well. Great job Cecilia.
You see, this is the problem with the Edison of today! Everyone is always worried about everyone else. MIND YOUR OWN PEOPLE AND GROW UP!
Cecilia Trentacosta measuring a pole.

Cecilia inspects and measures a pole to determine whether it can support added equipment.

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